Course Design

Disc Golf is a beginner friendly sport, and it does not require any of the greens fees that come with traditional golf. This allows everyone to participate in the sport, which means that the players on the course will come from a large range of skill and experience. On a poorly designed course a golf disc could potentially cause damage when hitting objects or people. Our professional design takes all risks into account to minimize them as much as possible. It is also very important to ensure the security of the area when designing holes.


During the designing process, the entire area is taken into consideration. Security is fundamental to the design of a DiscGolfPark. Safety issues will be clearly explained on the TeeSigns at the beginning of each hole, as well as on the course InfoBoard.

DiscGolfPark design service includes…

  • Approval of the mapping of the location
  • Budget approval
  • Course design (1-10 days)
  • Defining each hole, including pars and lengths

Professional Design Brings Players to Your Course

A good disc golf course is made up of varying and versatile holes. A professionally designed course keeps players interested because it requires players to learn how to utilise a variety of different throws. Since our designers have played on some of the top courses around the world, we know that there are multiple ways to accomplish this. We also utilise the existing vegetation and elevation to create a challenging environment for all players.

Read more about the last stage of course design, Designing Maps.