Mundaring DiscGolfPark

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Mundaring Disc Golf Park in Western Australia.
Opened in 2014.

The Mundaring DiscGolfPark is located at the Mundaring Sporting Club. The course is the first permanent 18-hole championship level course in Western Australia. Disc golf at this course shares its fairways with the golf club and has the best on site facilities of any course in Australia. It has two different tee areas, which allow for both beginner and advanced players to enjoy the course.


There is a 6 hole course loop available which will accommodate over 40 students at once and take around 45 mins to complete. A downloadable scorecard and map can be found at the course website:


Why Disc Golf?

The importance of health and wellbeing has never been more in focus. With obesity rates in children at an all-time high, the need for a channel of exercise in which the community can easily access has never been in more demand. Disc golf provides upper and lower body conditioning, aerobic exercise and mental stimulation. Concentration increases by mastering throws and negotiating the courses obstacles. The sport is perfect for players of limited fitness levels, as they can start slowly and gradually increase their level of play as their fitness improves. Depending on the size of the course, a round can take 1-2hours to complete and accommodate over 50 players at once.


Disc Golf for your school

If you’re school is interested in including disc golf as an activity in the school’s curriculum, a course info document (including a scorecard, map and rules of the sport) customised for your local course has been attached to this email.

School Combo packs are also a great way to introduce students to the sport. These portable packs include three foldable baskets, 40 golf discs and three tee marker cones, used to set up small temporary courses for inclusion in to the school’s physical education curriculum.

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  • 18 Hole Championship layout