DiscGolfPark Concept

DGP-drive over waterDiscGolfPark is a course design concept developed in Finland that is based on the idea of installing sporting facilities in an economic and ecological way. DiscGolfPark is the most popular complete disc golf course solution in Australia. A professionally designed course will provide a great experience for beginners and pros alike. A DiscGolfPark maintains its value to the community for many years.

DiscGolfPark complete solution includes:

  • Professional course design
  • Official DisCatcher targets
  • InfoBoard complete course sign
  • Detailed TeeSigns
  • TeePads
  • Course and individual hole map drawing
  • Instructions for installation and maintenance

Take Advantage of the New DiscGolfPark

A DiscGolfPark solution isn’t over when the course opens. You can utilize our unique services for your inaugural event or for DiscoverDiscGolf days. These events will provide the maximum amount of exposure for your new course.

Affordable Sports Facility Construction

The most significant advantage of a DiscGolfPark is its affordability. A DiscGolfPark’s total cost is only a fraction of traditional sports facilities. For example, a 9-hole DiscGolfPark solution costs around $13,000.

DiscGolfPark Products

A DiscGolfPark solution includes all you need for a proper disc golf course. Below you will find more information about all of our products.